• SETTINGS - Modify your Hydraulic settings, project inputs, time settings and constraints.
  • PATTERN EDITOR - Change your pattern curves
  • CURVE EDITOR - Create, modify and import/export curve settings for pumps, volumes, headloss, etc

With a simple to use ribbon interface, PressureCAD installs directly onto your AutoCAD software.  Even without the robust modeling of Civil 3D, you can get instant results from PressureCAD by laying out your network with lines and nodes.  

civil 3d integration

  • EDIT FITTINGS - Edit the data behind any of your vales, tees and other network nodes.
  • EDIT PRESSURE PIPE - Edit the data behind your Civil 3D pressure network pipes
  • EDIT APPURTENANCES - Edit the data behind any of the appurtenances such as meters and fire hydrants.


PressureCAD is built off of EPANET, the industry standard engine for water distribution modeling and works directly within your AutoCAD and AutoCAD platform products such as AutoCAD Civil 3D.

​PressureCAD is a simple to use product that produces professional results quickly and easily all within your AutoCAD products.  No more going back and forth between design and analysis software, simply design your distribution network and analyze as you go.

  • LABEL - Simply create a label by adding any of information you wish to see on your plan.  You can label all nodes, pipes and other features by using the label composer dialog box.
  • LEGEND - This will add a simple legend to you plan set showing features within you network.

About the products


  • APPLY PressureCAD TO PRESSURE PIPE NETWORK - This icon will automatically apply data from EPANet to your pressure pipe model in Civil 3D.
  • ASSIGN WATER SOURCE - Use this icon to assign a water source (tank/reservoir) to a Civil 3D appurtenances.

  • PANORAMA - Use this one of a kind panorama to view all the data within your network in real time. Select a line item and zoom directly to that item in plan view!
  • EDIT NODE/PIPE - Use this icon to edit your previously placed nodes and pipes (size, elevation, flow, etc)
  • EDIT WATER SOURCE/VALVE/PUMP - Use this icon to edit the described features.
  • SPLIT PIPE - Split your pipes in order to insert new features in your network.

PressureCAD also has full integration with the Civil 3D pressure pipe modeling tools. Simply model your network using the pressure pipe tools, apply your PressureCAD settings and analyze the results quickly and easily.  Take your BIM model further with PressureCAD.

  • DRAW PIPE - Draw a pipe (AutoCAD version) with XDATA for EPANet analysis.
  • DRAW WATER SUPPLY - Draw in tanks, reservoirs, control valves and pumps.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT EPANET - Already have a file done in EPANet? Want to export to EPANet? Simply use these options to perform those tasks.

  • ANALYZE - Use this icon to perform an analysis of your network if using the AutoCAD based product.
  • ANALYZE CIVIL 3D - Use this icon to perform an analysis on your pressure network model inside Civil 3D.

For either option there are three types of analysis you can perform.

  • Steady State
  • Extended
  • Fire

AutoCad integration